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Alarm Lock - Siren Lock - Lock with Alarm

The Alarm Lock adds a 100dB alarm to a hardened steel and zinc-alloy lock. The alarm goes off for ten seconds every time the lock is moved or tampered with, making it difficult to get a pair of bolt cutters around the lock without bleeding from the ears. The siren alarm lock is set to sound for ten seconds every time it is disturbed, and resets itself automatically. It provides the extra security and peace of mind that customers are looking for.

By combining a strong lock with a powerful alarm the Alarm Lock is suitable for hundreds of security applications allowing the user to protect items that previously would have been difficult to alarm such as: Lawn Mowers - BBQ Equipment - Tool Boxes - Garden Ornaments & Furniture - Side Gates - Motor Bikes - Trailers and Caravans as well as machinery - Shed and Garage Doors.